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8.10.2014 15:12:00

Restaurant Hotel Leirubakki

Hotel guests, please notice that our restaurant may not be open every day during winter, so please contact us if you want to have dinner, during your stay here. Horse riding is available all days, but it is necessary to reserve in advance. Take a look at our link picture „RIDING TOURS" on the upper right on the front page to see the prices and length of tours.

6.9.2014 15:45:00

New rifts closer to the glacier

News report from mbl.is 

Guðmund­ur K. Sig­ur­dórs­son, ed­itor of local news-web Sunn­lenska, flew over the new rifts south of the first rift that for­med in Holu­hraun. The rifts are closer to Dyngju­jök­ull Glacier.

"It's scary to see the new rifts so much closer to the glacier than the previ­ous rift," Guðmund­ur said to an mbl.is journa­list. Fresh rifts opened up dur­ing the nig­ht in Holu­hraun, 2 ki­lometers north of Dyngju­jök­ull. Cur­rently, th­ere are no...........

29.8.2014 14:08:00

Volcanic eruption in Iceland: Business as usual at Leirubakki!

A volcanic erupti­on has now  started near Bárðarbunga in the highlands in central Iceland. The erupti­on is a lava erupti­on and it is not a threat to anyone at this stage and it has not affected any flights nor have any airports been closed. This is far away from Hotel Leirubakki and here is the business as usual, all roads open to................

7.2.2014 15:27:00

Bookings for 2014

We are now busy preparing for the summer season of 2014. Bookings for the coming year, as well as the year 2015 are going well for all our services, hotel rooms, restaurant and private arrangements such as weddings and birthday parties. We also advise people to book horse riding in advance as any other service we supply, if you have certain dates in mind and want to be sure to get what you want. We still have vacancies in most weeks but they are.........

22.12.2013 17:20:36

Christmas Greetings from Leirubakki

To all our colleagues, customers and employees around the world; Thank you for a very pleasant..........

31.10.2013 16:15:26

Riding tours 2014

We have already started to book our very popular horseback riding tours for the year 2014. As always, we offer a wide variety of tours, for beginners as well as riders with more experience. You can choose everything from 1 hour up to a whole day tour, and we offer 6 – 7 different day tours. We ride in the spectacular landscape on all sides of the farm; in beutiful pasture land, or over lava..........

23.1.2013 15:37:09

Nature around - Landmannalaugar

The Fjallabak Nature Reserve, Peaceland between the mountains. The pearl of the central highlands, Landmannalaugar, and its surroundings are too colorful and magnificent to..........

14.11.2012 11:51:00

Northern lights - Aurora borealis

We had guests at the hotel yesterday, watching the northern lights for 3 hours, until they went to sleep. But what exactly are the northern lights? It is the sun that lies behind the formation of the auroras. During large solar explosions and flares, huge quantities of particles..........

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